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If she’s here, why can’t anyone find her?

July 24, 2011

As a young girl, she’d think that maybe,
just maybe,
she hadn’t been born yet.
And she was still safe in the womb.
And all this was a dream.
And she could learn from her mistakes
before she ever even made them.

And she’d spend her days
pleading with grown-ups
to prove to her
that the green they saw
was the same color she did.

They couldn’t help but laugh.
How precocious this girl,
too young to be so worried.
But she couldn’t shake the feeling
that maybe she saw the world
a little bit differently.

Her mother would reassure her.
Yes, this is real, she’d say.
We are here.
And green is green.

And then the girl worried
she’d wasted too much time,
thinking she’d have another chance.

So she swore she’d live life
without regrets.
Because this was it.
She was here.
And green was green.

And she spends her days
trying to keep her promise.
But can’t understand why
every time something looks green
she wonders if it’s a lie.

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