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Fwd: Freezing Students

December 9, 2010

24-period has commenced at The Circus. AKA: Sleep-deprived kids blindly scrambling around to finish work for panel. The difference between this quarter and the previous four quarters is the predicament of a seemingly-broken heater.

Drastic measures were taken in the form of an email to the school’s owner. And so I post it on here, one, because I haven’t posted in quite a long while, and two, because I found it amusing.  Creative writing takes all forms here.

Hi Dave,

While we realize there is no reason for you to reply to this email at 2 am, we wanted to, first off, say “Hi,” and also let you know that while we realize we may not get paid much in advertising, we didn’t think we’d start looking like homeless people so soon.

For the past week during 24 hour period we’ve all been freeeeezing. I think my water bottle may be frozen and I know my feet are. We are all wearing at least a sweatshirt and a jacket, and some have gloves and blankets. (We’ve included a picture to prove it.)

We don’t know who is in charge of the thermostat, but could you please see if they could check what it’s set at after 9 pm?

We don’t expect sauna treatment, but we do wonder if it could be comfortable above-70 somethin’ temperature?

Warmly, figuratively, but not literally,
Sarah Gatling, Lee May, Jennifer Fisher

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