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Métier and Reverie

March 26, 2010

Amelia Earhart has always intrigued me. Of course I admire her for being a woman living in a man’s world and never letting it stop her.  I’m not an adamant feminist, but it was the 1930’s–most women never attended college, much less broke aviation world records. But, to me more so, the mystery shrouding her death remains secondary to the way in which she lived her life. Ms. Earhart refused to stand for anything less than spectacular–if a little unprecedented–remaining firm until her demise that she would’ve rather faced a watery grave than live with a dream that she never tried to achieve. Flying was her métier–her forte, something that she was perfectly suited for. Even her name was a self-fulfilling prophecy: Earhart. Air Heart. She truly had air in her heart her entire life.

I like to think that one would be perfectly happy if they lived their life like Amelia Earhart. I think I’ve found something of a métier for myself in creative advertising. I would never assume that I’m good enough at it to call it my forte or to say that I’m perfectly suited for it. But I can say that I think it does suit me. I’ve never enjoyed doing something so much and I think I’ll be happy doing it for the rest of my life.

If you’ve noticed, this blog has gotten a bit of a facelift. There are only two categories of posts now: métier and reverie. Things that I write about or share that relate to advertising or The Creative Circus will be posted under métier.

All other writings will be posted under reverie. My musings, my daydreams, my thoughts. I felt the word reverie best encompassed everything that this blog is to me.

If you’re interested, I’ve also started a small online portfolio. I’ll keep it continuously update it with new works. There’s a link to it in the right sidebar of this blog, but the url is

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