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March 8, 2009

Hello all–

First and foremost…my sincerest apologies for the time it’s taken me to start writing again. It seems I was experiencing a bit of writer’s block, and I think it stemmed from some unhappiness with where I was in life. After a while of feeling like I was in a rut, I decided to resign from my job. My last day was bittersweet; I’d hoped that my first job would have been more promising. I’m very hopeful that I’ll find my place, and I really feel like New York is the place to be to break into the world.

I prefer to read horoscopes a day late. I realize it completely contradicts the purpose of them, but I think its fun to see how close the predictions were.  Always a skeptic, sometimes they’re dead on and, coincidence or not, it makes me want to believe a little bit more. It would be lovely if life were so simple–if horoscopes were true, and stars and planets could give you all the answers to the really hard questions in life.

On my last day of work, I was beginning to feel apprehensive about my decision, and while doing a last minute research project, I stumbled upon my 2009 horoscope, courtesy of Town and Country magazine. Two months into the year, it was so uncannily correct that it gave me goosebumps. I thought I’d share it, and let’s hope the rest of the predictions work out.


July 23-Aug 23

leo2You may be passionate and a bit of a drama queen (or king), but you generally manage to remain on an even keel. This year, however, with two powerful oppositions occurring in your astrological chart, you’ll be far more prone than usual to mood swings and shifts of perspective. It’s going to be a complex, often exhilarating year, and by the time 2009 is over you’ll be embarking on a new venture or plan that completely captures your interest. In the meantime, try not to go overboard, and don’t stop reminding yourself to stay centered.

The magnifying effect of Jupiter in your relationship angle gives both business and personal ties a starring role this year. Partners’ luck will tend to have a positive impact on your own fortunes, and you’ll also be more preoccupied than usual with what close associates are up to and what they think of you.

The truth is that although they make an effort to hide it, Leos do care a great deal about how they’re perceived, and this year your pride and sensitivity appear to be unusually pronounced. What’s more, with bombastic Jupiter and nebulous Neptune bombarding your Sun sign, you’re likely to veer between periods of confidence and self-doubt.

With Saturn in your financial angle at odds with eccentric Uranus, your fluctuating fortunes are bound to make you feel a bit precarious and uncertain. And with Jupiter at its greatest distance from your birth sign, 2009 is also a time when you’re likely to feel less in control of situations than usual, more at others’ beck and call, and in a state of transition.

On the bright side, rather stupendous offers seem to be coming your way this year, especially when Jupiter conjoins Neptune in late May, early July and late December. And although some element of exaggeration or wishful thinking may be playing a role in the proceedings (since Neptune is the planet of fantasy), Jupiter, which is beneficial, promises that no matter what ensues, your prospects are on the rise.

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  1. Jennifer Alderete permalink
    March 10, 2009 12:06 pm

    Your VERY loyal readers thank you getting past the writer’s block. Glad you are in a better place in you life now… I hope it continues!

  2. Kelly Gatling permalink
    May 9, 2009 3:57 pm

    I love reading horoscopes too! The ones about being a Pisces in general fit me very well, I think. Pisces are shy (yes), artistic (thats me), considerate (always), and sensual (uhh..sure) hahaha

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