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I Was Here

November 13, 2008

I love seeing hand prints and messages in sidewalks. I always wonder about the person who left their mark on the world. What was their story, and how long ago were they here? In Charleston, everywhere I turned you could see history. Confederate history was marked by plaques on doors and earthquake cracks in walls. And modern history was marked too, by writing in the cement.

Remember What You Saw and What you Heard

Remember What You Saw and What You Heard

King Street, Charleston SC

King Street, Charleston, SC

I love how people felt the desire to be a part of the history of Charleston. This doesn’t seem to be as big of a trend in New York City, but, personally, I feel compelled to let future New York City residents know that I was here. I’d love to find some wet cement and write my name and the date. Maybe draw a Palmetto Tree. With all the people coming and going here, its all too easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the days. I want to mark my place in history. I was here, and I was a part of this city too. I want to be remembered.

So, from this moment forward, I’m on the lookout for wet cement in the Big Apple. But I’ve also started thinking about other ways I could be remembered, if not by name, then by what I’ve done. One of my favorite quotes is William Woodworth’s “The best portion of a man’s life: his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.” But I disagree with Mr. Woodworth on one thing–I don’t think little, nameless acts of kindness and love go unremembered at all. In fact, I think people remember your ability to be kind and love more than they remember anything else about you. The holidays are coming up–what better time is there to make sure I’m being kind and loving in everything I do?

So, of course, putting your John Hancock in wet cement is a secretly thrilling way to become a part of the history of a city. But there’s no better place to be rememembered for being a good person than New York City.

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  1. Neal permalink
    November 14, 2008 2:14 am


    Again, interesting topic. I really am enjoying the way you’re noticing all of these, what some may feel are small or trivial, things and giving them meaning and the attention of a full blog post. Keep letting your mind wander and run with your thoughts – with your positive outlook and creativity you’ll continue to find (or conceive) great things!

    Construction crews beware: Sarah wants your cement!

    Come to think of it, I’ve always kind of wanted to inscribe my name on a sidewalk too. However, I am pleased to read your issue with Wordsworth’s quote – and I couldn’t agree more.

    Something tells me you won’t have to worry about being remembered, wet cement involved or not. 🙂

    Neal Osti, 11/14/2008

  2. Construction Man permalink
    November 14, 2008 1:12 pm

    I’ve got my eyes on you.

  3. Clare permalink
    November 15, 2008 11:56 pm

    Crap–I wish I didn’t write my full name in the cement that night…I feel like the man is gonna find me. love the posts!

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