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Only in New York

November 10, 2008

So here we are, readers. I’ve decided to write about my crazy, beautiful life in this big city, and you’ve decided to read. For that, I am very grateful. It’s a scary thing, you know, to put yourself out there for the world to see, or read I suppose, in this case. I can only hope that my style of writing is inspired by the poignancy of Jodi Picoult, the heart-wrenchingly beautiful descriptions of Pat Conroy, the witty humor of Laurie Notaro and Ellen Degeneres, and perhaps a little something from me, all rolled together. Since this is my first blog post, from here on out suggestions are, and forever will be, appreciated.

South Carolina will always be my home. I grew up in Myrtle Beach with the ocean to my East, in summers so hot I could hardly breathe. During college, I simply fell head over heels in love with Charleston. Each cobblestone street and wrought iron gate told a story I couldn’t get enough of. Each open-armed staircase made me swoon. Friends and I would drink white wine for hours on a slanted front porch and still make it to our afternoon classes. Like many a girl from South Carolina, several pieces of jewelry I own feature the Palmetto Tree. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed something new for a while. And I’ve found it. In New York City.

As you can imagine, it’s been quite an adjustment. Now that I’ve lived here for a couple of months, I feel grounded enough to appreciate the funny and beautiful little things I notice about this city that other people might miss. And I feel compelled to share them with you. The stories of a Carolina Girl who’s moved to New York. This city is fast-paced and gritty, but it has beauty and sass and flair. And, like Charleston, it has a story to tell. You just have to look a little bit deeper.

So, sweet tea, joggling boards, searsucker–I love it all. And, of course, I have a feeling I’ll go back to it some day. My heart will forever be Carolina’s. But for now, I can have my fun…only in New York.

Colonial Lake, Charleston, SC

Colonial Lake, Charleston, SC

New York City Skyline

New York City Skyline

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  1. Erwin Bernal permalink
    November 10, 2008 8:56 am

    Sarah, good luck in your blog. As a native New Yorker, I always like to hear opinions and thoughts about my city from an outsider’s perspective. I’ve only spent 4 years outside of the city full-time, and that was due to college. And I don’t think I can ever leave, unless I gather enough money to move out to Westchester, Long Island, or even (dare I say it) New Jersey.

    A lot of my extended and immediate family live in the area as well, so it would be hard to leave. So I give you a lot of credit moving here and taking a huge risk. So I hope you like it here!

  2. Cassandra permalink
    November 10, 2008 12:01 pm


    I’m excited to be your blog fan. I bought a book yesterday, New York City Poems, everything from ee cummings and Walt Whitman, to modern day poets if you ever need some inspiration.

    On that note, I think Shake Shack would be very inspirational for your blog tomorrow…


  3. November 10, 2008 4:27 pm

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  4. Neal permalink
    November 12, 2008 12:59 am


    What a great introduction to what I’m positive will be an outstanding blog! I’ve got a feeling there will be more than just a little bit of you rolled into this adventure. What I hope for is that your style of writing, no matter what influence you say is there, brings me with you as you recount your days from a Carolina to a New York state of mind. I, too, have felt the lure of Charleston, but have yet to diverge from my beaches, cobblestone, and sweltering humidity… not to mention my family. I just hope that as a tech writer I can comprehend your vivid descriptions and adjectives. 🙂 Can’t wait to read!

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